Copa Libertadores de America Over Under Over Under Bet

The Copa Libertadores de América is an annual international soccer competition organized by The Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol (CONMEBOL). It is considered as one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and definitely the most prestigious club competition in South American football.

The tournament is named in honor of the Libertadores (Spanish and Portuguese for liberators), the main leaders of the South American wars of independence.

Teams from, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela qualify for the Copa Libertadores by winning half-year tournaments called the Apertura (Opening) and Clausura (Closing) tournaments or by finishing among the top teams in their championship.

Meanwhile, Peru and Ecuador have developed new formats for qualification to the Copa Libertadores involving several stages. Brazil is the only South American league to use a European league format instead of the Apertura and Clausura format. However, one berth for the Copa Libertadores can be won by winning the Copa do Brasil.

Chile still uses a competition to determine a Copa Libertadores participant, the "Liguilla para Copa Libertadores".

The current Copa Libertadores de America tournament features 38 clubs competing over a six- to eight-month period. There are three stages - the first stage, the second stage and the knockout stage.

In Copa Libertadores over under betting, you are wagering that the total number of goals would either be over or under a particular number. Copa Libertadores over under bets look like:

Patriotas Over 2 -128
Everton De Vina Under 2 +108

In the example above, "Under 2" is the underdog (indicated by the "+" sign). Betting $100 on "Under 2" goals wins you $108 if the match's total score is 1 or 0. Meanwhile, "Over 2" is the favorite (indicated by the "-" sign). Betting $128 on "Over 2" goals wins you $100 if the game's total score is 3 goals or more.

If the game's total score is 2, the bet is considered a tie (push) and all bets are returned.

In an over under Copa Libertadores bet, it does not matter which club wins the match. All that matters is the final score.

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Live CONMEBOL Over Under Odds

Date Rot. # Matchup Over Under
Jul. 18,
807116 Palestino vs(O: 2.25) +102
807117 Cuiaba MT(U: 2.25) -122
Jul. 18,
807119 Cerro Porteno vs(O: 2.25) -102
807120 Atletico Paranaense(U: 2.25) -118
Jul. 18,
807122 LDU Quito vs(O: 2.75) -116
807123 Always Ready(U: 2.75) -104