EBEL (Erste Bank Eishockey Liga) Over Under Bet

The Austrian Hockey League (German: Osterreichische Eishockey-Liga), known as the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (English: First Bank Hockey League) for sponsorship reasons, is the highest-level ice hockey league in Austria.

The roots of EBEL can be traced as far back as 1923 in various Championships where the winner is officially recognized as the Austrian Champion. There was no Austrian competition between 1939 and 1945. During World War II, a number of Austrian teams competed in the German Ice Hockey Championship, which is why the EK Engelmann Wien and Vienna EV list German Championships in their history.

The current EBEL format was established in the 1965-66 season.

Prior to the 2005-06, EBEL only had Austrian teams. Since then, the league has added teams from Slovenia (starting 2006–07 and 2007–08), Hungary (starting 2007–08), Croatia (starting 2009–10 season), the Czech Republic (starting in 2011–12) and Italy (starting 2013–14 season).

The non-Austrian teams are competing for the title of "EBEL Champion". The title of "Austrian Champion" is given to Austrian teams only.

Over the years, EBEL has had different sponsors, and the current naming rights have been held by Sparkasse Bank and its Erste Bank brand since the 2003–04 season.

In 2013–14, Italy's Bolzano Foxes became the first non-Austrian team to win the EBEL title when they beat the Salzburg Red Bulls 3 games to 2 in their best-of-five final.

In EBEL over under betting, you are wagering that the game's number of goals would either be over or under a specified total. An EBEL over under bet looks like:

EC KAC Over 5 -116
Wiener EV / EG Under 5 -104

In the example above, betting $116 on "Over 5 goals" wins you $100 if the game's total goal is six or more. Meanwhile, betting $104 on "Under 5 goals" wins you $100 if the game's total goal is four or less.

If in case the game ends with t total of five goals, the bookmaker will declare it a push (or tie), and all bets are returned. To avoid ties, bookmakers add a half point in the total.

The winner of the game is irrelevant to the outcome of an EBEL over under bet. All that matters is the total number of goals scored.

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Live EBEL Over Under Odds

Date Rot. # Matchup Over Under
Apr. 19,
341111 Salzburg vs(O: 4.5) -110
341112 Klagenfurt(U: 4.5) -120