WNBA Basketball Over Under Bet

The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) is a professional women's basketball league in the United States. It is currently composed of twelve teams and was founded on April 24, 1996 as the women's counterpart to the National Basketball Association. League play started in 1997.

In WNBA over under betting, you are wagering that the game's number of points would either be over or under a specified total. A college basketball over under bet looks like:

Houston Comets Over 116 -115
Los Angeles Sparks Under 116 -105

In the example above, betting $115 on "over 116 points" wins you $100 if the game's total points is 117 or more. Meanwhile, betting $105 on "under 116 points" wins you $100 if the game's total points is 115 or less.

If in case the game ends with a total of 116 points, the bookmaker will declare it a push (tie), and all bets are retuned.

The winner of the game is irrelevant to the outcome of a WNBA over under bet. All that matters is the total number of points scored.

The WNBA's regular season is played from May to September with the All Star game being played midway through the season in July. The WNBA Finals is played at the end of September until the beginning of October.

During the regular season, each WNBA team plays 34 games, 17 each home and away. Each team plays one in-conference team 4 times and the remaining in-conference teams 3 times each (12 games). Each team then plays the six out-of-conference teams 3 times (18 games). Each team hosts and visits every other team at least once every season.

After the regular season, the top eight teams qualify for the playoffs.

For the first round, the matchups by seed are 5th vs 8th and 6th vs 7th. In the second round, the matchups by seed are 3rd vs the lowest remaining seed and 4th vs the highest remaining seed. In the semifinals, the matchups by seed are 1st vs the lowest remaining seed and 2nd vs the highest remaining seed. This leaves two teams to play each other in the WNBA Finals.

The first and second rounds, are single elimination games. The semifinals is a best-of-five series with a 2–2–1 home-court pattern, meaning that the higher-seeded team will have home court in games 1, 2, and 5 while the other team plays at home in game 3 and 4.

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Live WNBA Over Under Odds

Date Rot. # Matchup Over Under
Jul. 16,
621 Phoenix Mercury vs(O: 168.5) -110
622 Washington Mystics(U: 168.5) -110
Jul. 16,
623 Seattle Storm vs(O: 162) -110
624 Los Angeles Sparks(U: 162) -110
Jul. 16,
625 Connecticut Sun vs(O: 153) -110
626 New York Liberty(U: 153) -110
Jul. 16,
627 Chicago Sky vs(O: 169) -110
628 Las Vegas Aces(U: 169) -110